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We  are pleased to present a proposal to you for our services and the works we carry out, which only proved successful throughout continuation and presence with you since 18 years
we spent in your service. This experience is considered the biggest supporter for our continuation and interaction with you in many fields, represented in the following:

Flower arranging as we are always concerned for quality, we import our flowers weekly from the highest standard international flower companies worldwide. Further, we are unique in terms of the innovative and distinguished ideas in the world of flower arranging for each event you are concerned for.

Official events:Conferences, periodical meetings, honoring. We may add a beautiful environment of comfort and mutual feelings at work through flower bouquets.  Further, we organize exhibitions and coordinate inaugurations, as well as provide indoor plans with unique ideas by placing beautiful touches for coordination of flowers and deluxe accessories with innovative ideas all the time.

Special events: We are always concerned to participate with you in your special events, such as home receptions, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and delivery receptions by placing beautiful touches for coordination of flowers with deluxe accessories with creative idea

Wedding planning. From A to Z.  Our intention is to relieve you from thinking in the creativeness of the event through the latest décor and color ideas.

Interior designing We carry out interior design with the latest fashion styles we may not be good followers of fashion, but certainly we are committed to contribute with innovations with the fashion makers. Further, we leave beautiful touches in the place by providing the most beautiful and deluxe accessories, decor pieces and candles imported fromm the highest international sources

Weekly subscriptions This is through the flower coordination and delivery service on weekly basis to the home or place of work.  It is wonderful to start your day with a beautiful morning filled with flowers, beautiful roses and beautiful smell.

International flowers delivery networkWe are not only concerned to contribute in your occasions. Rather, our concern extends to participate with you in relation to the persons you care for them worldwide by satisfying your orders to send flowers and chocolates, wherever these persons and clients are located and wherever you are located.

Jihad Farnash Al-Barqawi